The Paid Services And Medical Marketing Department

The District Cardiological Centre. (The District Heart Centre) The Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous District, Surgut

Cardiovascular Surgery

Laboratory Diagnostics 

  • The wide spectrum of laboratory investigations
  • Maximum accuracy
  • High quality
  • Rapid results

Athlete Check-Up

  • The training regime complete conclusion is given by a cardiologist
  • We have patients annual observation programs
  • We work on mass with ladies and men
  • (For ones who are 40 years old) Examination and observation are provided by gynecologist/urologist and endocrinologist

Family Profile

  • Diagnostic programs for all ages
  • The best doctors
  • The high quality equipment
  • Complex approach

Service approach

  • Personalized individual support
  • You can contact your doctor by e-mail if necessary

You are welcome to our Cardiological Centre (Heart Centre)

We save our patients time and help them to be healthy